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The following is a transcription of the interview that was done with Dominic Daniels prior to the launch of his book The Real Orgasm and the launch of this website.

As hard as we tried to articulate something that would describe his motives and intentions better than what he had described himself, we couldn’t. When asked the questions, “Why did you start this project? Why did you write this book?” Dominic gave the most complete and genuine response that we could’ve asked for.

His response gives you great insight as to who he is, where he came from, and what events led him to want to create this book.



” Why did I start this project? You know… I think because of certain things that I’ve seen in my life, and the way my mind developed, it was kind of inevitable for me to take on this project.

I’ll try to condense it all in the interest of time and hopefully I won’t go on too many tangents.

I was born in Iran in the mid-80’s right when the Islamic revolution was really ‘taking off’… and from about as early as I can remember, women were treated horribly by men. Not only were they disrespected and discriminated against, but many men beat their wives and basically treated them like dirt.

And even though back then I hadn’t developed enough to know much about human sexuality, it was very obvious that the satisfaction or fulfillment of a woman was pretty much non-existent in the average male’s mind.

My father was constantly abusing my mother and there were many fights… more than I’d care to remember. And every time I tried to defend or protect her, he would lash out against me and beat me.

In that environment, women were more worried about not getting beaten than they were about their orgasms. So it wasn’t really even an issue.

At about 10 years old, my mother packed our bags and her, my younger sister, and I fled Iran to come to the United States… the land of equality and opportunity. And at first, I saw a huge difference between society in the Middle East and Western culture.

The women in Iran were fully covered with only their hands and faces showing; where as in the U.S. – specifically in Los Angeles, where we moved to – women were running around skin-clad without a care in the world.

The police weren’t harassing them for showing skin and on the surface it looked like they were much happier than the women in Iran.

As I grew, I began to notice all of the things that were happening “below the surface.”

Yes, women were allowed to be independent and go after their own careers but there was still much harassment coming from male coworkers and bosses. Not to mention the lower pay.

But the Westernized female didn’t give in and through pure accomplishment, made it clear that women were intellectually not only just equals, but in many cases superior to men.

That’s when more and more female CEO’s, media moguls, entertainers, and politicians began to stamp the world with their ideas and beliefs. And even though the traditional man’s man wasn’t comfortable with his wife outperforming him economically, it was a fact that he had gotten used to.

Now what does all of this have to do with the female orgasm, right?

Even after all of this progression… after all of this growth… there is STILL one area in the human condition where there is much inequality… and that is the orgasm.

You see, in many households across the United States and other westernized countries, men view sex as a means to an end… as a way for them to “get one off.” And they view their girlfriends/wives as a… means to an end… for a lack of a better phrase.

While countries like Iran are still stuck in the way olden days, we have evolved passed the using-sex-as-a-means-to-procreate era. Women don’t need men to make babies anymore. They don’t need men to provide income for the family anymore. And it’s gotten to the point that they don’t need men for their orgasms anymore.

So in order for men to stay useful in the eyes of the female species… we need to seriously reprioritize what our values are and what we consider to be important.

And in my personal opinion, the ability to consistently satisfy your woman sexually is just as important if not MORE important than being able to provide for her financially.

And so that’s why I started this project. That’s why I began the interviews.

Because I genuinely want to provide men across the world with a legitimate educational resource… so that they can better understand and more consistently help manifest the female orgasm.

And I sincerely believe that if more women across the world were satisfied, the world would be a better place.

There is nothing more powerful than a satisfied and empowered woman. And for a man, there is no better support than that of the woman he has satisfied.”


Hopefully that helped you get a better understanding of what goes on in the mind of Dominic Daniels.

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